Lost & Found i.s.m. SSBA

What is the contemporary answer to the classic coin, medal and goblet? Deneuve organized Prijs de prijs (Praise the prize) in collaboration with Lernert & Sander in a special edition of Lost & Found and supported by BNO. This one-off art project is about the best designed art prizes. We had the desire to map the world of the art prizes and to focus on the forgotten art form of prize making. During a hilarious night in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam in October 2011, the jury (Hedy d’Ancona, Jurgen Bey and Barbara Visser) was asked to announced the prize winner out of 250 prizes, but they could not come to a decision. We surprised them with their own jury deliberations, that we recorded, and we asked actors (Lenie Breederveld, Marcel Musters and Joke Tjalsma) to re-enact it live on stage. With this we confronted the jury and the audience with the language that is typical for juries and with the way choices are being made, or in this case were not made. The rest of the program was filled with various acts and performances. With a special website, everyone could choose their favorite, which turned out to be Paul Mijksenaar for the BNO Piet Zwart Prize.