Mina Abouzahra

Taco de Neef does PR for new design brand Abouzahra. In June 2013 Mina Abouzahra organised a presentation at Gehéniau & Gehéniau, an Amsterdam based interior store. The show included works by Rosa Vitalie and Abouzahra designs. The opening attracted a nice crowd. The collaboration with the store proved to be a productive format for future projects.

In her exclusive interior products and designs Mina Abouzahra brings together the best of different worlds, such as tradition and innovation, rich decoration and minimalism, craft and industrial production. Abouzahra tickles the imagination, lets the mind travel and creates nostalgia for an imaginary world.

Abouzahra cushion
The Abouzahra cushion has two contrasting sides that symbolize tradition and innovation. The Moroccan side with traditional colors and patterns is hand knotted by Berber women. The fabrics have a history and come from various regions in Morocco. The felt side is made by Kvadrat. This Danish textile manufacturer mainly uses wool from New Zealand. The felt is durable and color fast. Each pillow is a unique design object and tells its own story.

Abouzahra is redesigning traditions.