Gehéniau & Gehéniau

When Mina Abouzahra and Annemarieke Gehéniau met, they immediately felt a connection. Annemarieke, interior decorator with a passion for beautiful fabrics and extraordinary objects and Mina with her surprising combinations of North-African and European styles in interior and product design. Annemarieke and her sister Karen, who run the shop Gehéniau & Gehéniau interior in the Herenstraat 36 in Amsterdam together, invited Mina to present her work temporarily. Mina, in her turn, invited creative friends that inspire her to realize the presentation as a joint project. Mina & friends. So Taco presented his photo series of beautiful bare trees against a grey-blue sky and Daniel showed his collages that he made from magazine images that present a perfect world, but is it really perfect? The presentation was held from 19 April until 1 June 2013. The other friends of Mina that participated in this project are Rosa Vitalie, who showed her beautiful illustrations. At the opening event on 19 April, Nadia Zerouali & Merijn Tol took us on a culinary journey through the Arabic-Mediterranean region, Ivo de Bruijn photographed the opening and Eduard Marcet played tantalizing music on his violin.

Daniël Bouw, collage , 2013