Arts Holland Magazine

In 2013 Taco de Neef curated and produced the second issue of Arts Holland Magazine, a co-production of the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC), SICA and Arts Holland. The magazine presents a selection of innovative and top-of-the-range culture that Holland has to offer.

The second Magazine (2013) highlights include:
– a selection of Dutch Design
– trends in innovation by experts in the arts and industry
– spotlights on Dance companies NDT, Nationale Ballet and Scapino
– art galleries in the picture
– five major developments in the music scene
– vibrant urban hotspots

The second issue of Arts Holland Magazine will be published April 2013.

Distribution & audience
The print run of the first edition was 10,000 copies and was distributed amongst key influencers in mainly the US and UK and through Dutch embassies worldwide. Arts Holland aims to reach the international and purposeful cultural tourists, including the art aficionado and art professional. The digital edition has a wide reach with more than 4,000 views and counting. Read the magazine online. Order a free hard copy via mail or call + 31 20 6164 225.

Editorial board
The editorial board of the magazine consists of Kim Nanne (Arts Holland), Yvette Gieles & Femke van Woerden (SICA) and Taco de Neef (Deneuve). Designed by The New Studio, Eindhoven. Acting publisher is SICA Dutch Centre for International Cultural Activities.

Arts Holland – Open Data
Arts Holland unites all the Dutch cultural institutions under one brand, focusing on the interconnection. Working together with multiple major organizations in the field of arts, culture, communication, transport, creative industry and technology, Arts Holland strengthens and supports the services of these existing organizations. Arts Holland enables her partners to excel in their own domains and creates connections and new opportunities.
In addition to the magazine, Arts Holland has developed the website and the Arts Holland Open Data Platform. Arts Holland is the first initiative in Holland which collects data from the tourism and cultural sector to open and link these by means of an Open Data Platform. This platform enables the creation and development of innovative apps for the purposeful cultural tourists to offer appropriate cultural suggestions based on personal preferences, locations and the time of the day.

Studio Wieki Somers, Merry Go Round Coat Rack, 2009, Boijmans van Beuningen